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Storth stock both Polyurethane (PU) and Rubber lay flat hose hose in a wide variety of sizes, standard hose length is 200m although alternative lengths can be supplied on request. Hose assemblies can be made to order with various couplings and repair sleeves fitted.


Snap Tite (All-American Hose)

Snap-tite Hose division manufactures all types of Fire, Industrial, Forestry, and Large Diameter Rubber Hose. Recently purchased by All-American Hose LLC, Snap-tite Wexford in Ireland continue to manufacture Polyurethane Irrigation, Sludge(Liquid Manure), and Municipal Water Hose from 1” through 6” sizes for markets outside North and South America.

Snap-tite PU

Polyurethane hose provides compact, durable and lightweight service, the hose offers superb value due to its robust design. Traditional PVC hose incorporates spiral reinforcement sandwiched between stiff layers of PVC, whereas Snap-tite PU features a strong circular woven reinforcement. This allows the polyurethane to be extruded through the weave, fully encapsulating the textile reinforcement.

The strong yet pliable hose wall resists abrasion, cracking, puncturing and degradation from oil, ozone, petrochemicals, ultraviolet light and weathering.

The design and materials promote strong adhesions between the hose components, resulting in exceptional performance and service life. A 10 year limited manufacturers warranty gives that extra piece of mind.


Gollmer & Hummel (G & H)

Gollmer & Hummel (G&H) are one of the oldest and most experienced hose manufactures in Europe, the German company was founded over 140 years ago and are an independent family owned company. Managed today by the families 5th generation G&H employ the latest technology and methods to establish themselves as a worldwide leading hose solution provider.

Hilcoflex PU

Manufactured using the same technique as Snap-tite PU with extrusion through the weave Hilcoflex PU have proven to be a strong partner for Storth over the last years.

Hilcoflex Agro Rubber

Constructed using two key elements:

Textile reinforcement made from a unique combination of both polyamide and polyester. This offers a superior adhesion level and flow performance compaired to an all polyester weave.

Lining and cover of special high grade formulates NBR/PVC compound which when extruded “through the weave” in a unique one step production process provides full encapsulation of the reinforcement.

Additional features of the hose include excellent resistance to weathering, UV, agricultural chemicals and fertilizers. Supreme adhesion levels between the rubber and textile reinforcement result in a very durable and hardwearing hose with long service life.

Lay Flat Hose Specifications

Manufacture Brand Type Size Weight


Wall Thickness (mm) Working Pressure


Burst Pressure (Bar) Design Strength


Traction Limit for no tearing


Snap-tite IR PU 4” 1.14 3.4 14 34.5 13300 4655
G & H HilcoflexPU PU 4” 1.15 3.3 14 42 13800 4600
G & H Hilcoflex Rubber 4” 1.35 3.4 16 50 11000 3666
Snap-tite IR PU 5” 1.42 3.4 14 34.5 17700 6195
G & H PU PU 5” 1.5 3.4 14 42 20400 6800
G & H Hilcoflex Rubber 5” 1.7 3.5 15 45 13500 4500
Snap-tite IR PU 6” 1.72 3.0 14 41 19900 6965
G & H HilcoflexPU PU 6” 1.9 3.7 14 42 27200 9067
G & H Hilcoflex Rubber 6” 1.95 3.5 14 42 17000 5667