Slurry Storage Systems > Tension Covers

Tank covers are becoming increasingly popular with farmers wanting to protect valuable slurry storage being taken up by rainfall. Storth can supply tension covers which can be fitted to new and existing tanks. These Tension covers are made from Polyester woven fabric with a PVC covering to protect against slurry and UV Light.

Tension Covers are fixed to the Slurry tank by heavy duty ratchet straps fixed to the wind band. An oak centre pole prevents the cover from sagging into the middle of the tank.

Tension Covers are made to order.


Made from strong fabric with tensile strength of 4200/4000N per 5cm.

Dirt repellent finish on the fabric.

Close weld, pre-tensioned straps for higher durability, extended lifetime and prevention of rainwater puddles.

Integrated hem for insertion of the pre-bended tensioning pipes to prevent any weak spots.


Prevention of water infiltration meaning full storage capacity is maintained.

No obstructions, for example branches, can fall into the tank which can block or damage the stirring/pumping equipment.

Reduction in gas and ammonia by over 95%.

Retention of nitrogen content of liquid manure.