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Storth manufactures a wide range of ancillary equipment to complement its slurry storage tanks. The high-quality equipment coupled with the Storth glass lined slurry tanks provide a lifelong solution for your slurry storage needs.

Bespoke equipment can also be manufactured to suit your slurry system.

Jetter Kits

Used for filling and also aids mixing the tank. Manufactured in mild steel and fully galvanised. 5” Diameter pipe with a 3” nozzle creates the pressure for mixing the tank along with 300-degree rotation which can direct the slurry to any part of the tank.

Detachable nozzle option available for quicker filling of the tank.

Valve Kits

Range of valve kits from 6” through to 12”. Through the wall valve kits can be fitted to new and existing stores. These are becoming increasingly popular as they are quick to attach to a tanker or umbilical kit and the double valve system increases safety.

Tank Wall Mixer

This is the ideal machine for regular use to prevent crust build up in an Above Ground Store. Tank wall mixers can be fitted in Steel or Concrete tanks and can also be installed into existing stores.

This machine uses the same proven propeller design as our other mixers. 60–70 horsepower is required to drive this machine at 540 rpm. The Storth tank wall mixer is fully galvanised.

This model is also available in electric.


Fully Galvanised Ancillary Equipment
Manufactured in house
Suitable for all Storth Slurry Storage Tanks
Bespoke items can be manufactured