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Our growing range of electric pumps has been developed with a number of motor sizes from 5 kw up to 22 kw to suit different applications. These operate on a 3 phase electric supply. They can be linked to float switches to allow them to start and stop automatically when the slurry reaches the appropriate levels.

The bottom bearing is a slurry lubricated rubber fluted bearing rather than the commonly used mechanical seal arrangements; this prolongs the life of the bearing and reduces maintenance of the machine.

Storth Turbo Electric Pumps have a newly developed high-pressure impeller. The 5.5 kw-11 kw pumps are fitted with a feed in auger which can handle different consistencies of slurry, the auger also chops any straw material against our bottom closure plate.

All Storth Electric pumps have a top frame which is easily attached to wall sides and can also be adapted to have a safety walkway and rail attached.