Slurry Mixing Solutions > Lagoon Mega Mix Range

The Mega Mix Range has been designed to cater for the increasing demand for mixing larger lagoons which have arisen due to legislation changes and the increased importance placed on slurry being used on the land at the optimum time.

The Mega Mix uses an auger to draw in the slurry and re-circulate it through the 5” Jetter nozzle which provides a large volume of slurry allowing great agitation of the lagoon as the Jetter has a 300 degree rotation, therefore reducing the amount of times you move the machine around the large lagoon.


Mega Mix Lagoon Pump

The Mega Mix Lagoon Pump has the same great mixing capabilities of the Mega Mix with the added function of a discharge pipe running adjacent to the main drive tube to allow for slurry to be pumped out of lagoons. The side discharge pipe can be used for pumping slurry to alternative storage, priming umbilical pumps or filling open top tankers. The side discharge pipe is available in 6” or 8” diameter.


Mega Mix Trailer

Trailers available for all Mega Mix machines, these are fully galvanised and can be adapted to carry fill pipes and flexi pipes at the customer’s request.


Wheel & Cage Kits

Wheel & Cage kits are available for customers with covered and lined lagoons, the cage acts as a protection from the roof getting damaged whilst mixing. The wheel kits allow for the mixer to be positioned in the lagoon without damaging the liner.


Filling Options

Filler kits available to fill open top tankers direct from the lagoon via the Mega Mix Lagoon Pump.

Hydraulic and Stand alone Filler kits available.


7m, 8m and 9.5m long machines available
Double Hydraulic Rams for depth control
Combination auger and impeller for dealing with solid matter effectively
Fully galvanised heavy duty box section body for strength and durability
Heavy duty PTO shafts
Hydraulic rotator motor allowing 300 degree movement
55mm drive shaft supported by roller bearings for smoother running and enhanced life
Case hardened shaft sleeve with slurry lubricated polyurethane bearing housing at the auger end