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The Storth EYS Separator is designed to mechanically separate solid and liquid fractions of fiber rich materials like animal manure. The robust design of the Separator handles all types of livestock manure with ease, yielding a high output rate of very dry solids and a liquid fraction containing minimal suspended solids.

Separation Advantages:

  • Produces a stackable solid heap of between 20 to 25% DM.
  • Can increase storage in the tank by up to 25%
  • Separated liquid holds 96% of the Nitrate
  • Separated liquid requires much less mixing, and doesn’t form a crust.
  • Separated liquid can be pumped via umbilical systems up to 30% faster than whole slurry.
  • Separated liquid is easily absorbed into the soil, without contaminating the grass, cows can be put back on the grass much quicker.
  • Because absorption is much easier, you can apply more, so require fewer acres to distribute slurry.
  • Easier to pump long distances and with no blocking of equipment.
  • Research has shown that up to 1 tonne per HA more grass can be achieved using Separated Liquid instead of compound fertilizer.
  • Stackable solid portion is regarded as inert, and can be stacked in the open or composted down.
  • Solids can be spread at any time of the year.
  • Solid portion has nearly all the Potash and Phosphates stored in it.
  • Green Bedding, or R.M.S. can be achieved by increasing the dry matter to a minimum of 34% with our Eco Bedder Separator.