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The separation of liquid cattle manure, for the use in cubical based farms is a relatively new concept and was introduced into the UK in 2013. The system was first used by Cornell University in the early 90’s and is now widely used in the US and Europe

Storths HD range known as the “Eco Bedder” Separators are able to produce a dry matter content up to 40%, this is achieved using a heavy duty screen and smaller screen size than the standard separator. Press Technology has focused on simplicity, low energy usage and low maintenance costs for this machine, this results in a machine that is suited for every cattle farmer, especially when it comes to creating bedding.

It’s been proven over the past few years that the green bedding process does not negatively influence cell count or mastitis levels when compared to other bedding materials.

Benefits of green bedding:

  • Clean Cows

Since the Eco Bedding does not stick to the animals, they stay very clean. This is particularly true for the udders, tail, and paws of the animal.

  • Resilient Bedding

Eco Bedding is very resilient. There is minimum resilience reduction after a long period of time. Unlike with compost, no hard spots will form.

  • Proper Disposal of Heat

The warmth of the cow is well distributed through the bedding, making the cow feel more comfortable in his skin.

  • Little Maintenance

The Eco Bedding stays in place well due to the action of the fibers. The cows don’t walk or push it away. This makes maintaining the bedding relatively easy. It can be easily cleaned with a garden rake.

  • Reduced Costs

Purchasing other litter, such as sawdust or chopped straw, is no longer necessary. The raw material is sufficiently present on the farm. Moreover, the raw product is a resource that comes from the farm itself, minimizing the chance of introducing disease.

  • Slurry Easier to Mix

Mixing the slurry is much easier because there is no sawdust or other added substances. Spreading the manure with a slurry injector is also easier.