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The Storth Chain Scraper System has been designed and manufactured to a high standard of engineering using high quality components and the most technically advanced electrical control system on the market, allowing simple operation, minimal maintenance and long life cycle.

Typically built to Storth’s robust engineering, their robust construction and attention to animal safety in their design means that Chain Scraper Systems are highly suited to Beef Cattle, Pig Buildings and sheds with uneven floors.

Hard Wearing Drive Unit

The Chain system has a hard wearing drive unit which can be floor or above ground mounted. The drive unit is sat on a galvanised frame which prevents corrosion. Storth’s unique 7 tooth sprocket prevents slurry drying and clogging up, preventing minimal wear to the sprocket.

Storth use 14mm Case Hardened Chain throughout the Chain Scraper System, this is pre-stretched to 20 tonnes and has been proven over decades.


Chain Scraper Blades

Chain Scraper Blades are manufactured to the same high standard as blades used on other systems. A quick tensioning system is placed on the dragbar for easy tensioning of the chain.


“Cow Down” Protection System

The Storth Chain Control Panel has a “cow down” protection system which senses the chain tension and monitors the amps produced be the motor whilst scraping and cuts out if a cow (or other obstacle) is detected in the passage. If the amps rise the panel will shut the passage down as it detects their is a cow down in the passage.

Automatic scrape times can be programmed to run 24 times a day, manual scrapes can also take place whilst in auto mode.