14 Mar 2016

New mobile nurse tanks designed to support continuous spreading for umbilical systems

Slurry handling specialist Storth has launched a range of Quality British built Mobile Nurse Tanks to aid the umbilical spreading of slurry and/or digestate in fields which are far from the farm or biogas plant. The new tanks are designed for efficiency of flow and personal safety.
The Nurse tanks are constructed using Heavy Duty 5mm Profile steel walls on a 385/65R 22.5 Stub Axle, with Hydraulic brake & Lifting mechanism system, pipework at the front & rear, LED lighting Kit and beacon, complete with Manway inspection hatch and Front access ladder.

The use of mobile nurse tanks to aid umbilical spreading operations has resurged in popularity. The tanks are sited in, or near, to the fields to be spread. Then the slurry/digestate is transported by road in Lorries and Tankers, and discharged into them. The tanks act as a buffer for the umbilical system, and can be kept topped up by the road tankers, allowing uninterrupted spreading to be carried out. Important should you be spreading slurry onto cereal crops where interrupted spreading could lead to damage to the growing crops.

Unique to Storth’s nurse tanks are the hydraulic-lifting stub axles on either side of the tank. These allow the inside compartment to be of one single floor level from front to back. This negates the requirement for internal pipe work – as required with standard axles – to link the front and back areas, which can become a bottleneck risk especially with the thick sticky nature of digestate.

Storth’s nurse tanks have also been designed with a roof to make them fully enclosed, preventing unwanted or accidental access which could lead to personal injury.

Storth nurse tanks come as standard in two capacities: 65m3 and 100m3. However tanks can also be custom-made to meet specific criteria, e.g. colour, siting of ports and compressor.

For more information, farmers, contractors and AD plant managers can contact Storth on 01524 781900.