02 Mar 2016

Storth Machinery Ltd comprehensive range of umbilical spreading systems

Slurry handling specialist Storth Machinery has recently launched a comprehensive range of umbilical spreading equipment. It includes various types of reelers, centrifugal chopper pumps and hose applicators, as well as 65m3 or 100m3 nurse tanks & polyglass mobile tankers.
Designed and manufactured by Storth, the umbilical systems can be built to meet the demands of the everyday user – from those with small farms to large-scale contractors.

There is a choice of hose reelers with different hose-carrying capacities: the bobbin reeler can take 400-1000m of hose, the rear-mounted reeler takes 1000-1600m of hose, and the trailed reelers can carry up to 2000m. All are galvanised and most rely on a heavy duty planetary gear box drive: these provide high torque when reeling in, has less wear, and is more reliable, than chain alternatives.

Storth are also offering a full range of slurry applicators – from simple splash-plates to single or twin dribble bar and trailing shoe injectors.


Shown above is the Storth’s rear mounted reeler, coupled with a front linkage bobbin reeler which enables 2000m of umbilical hose to be carried.

Storth’s Umbilical Manager Neil Robinson explains: “There was a gap in the market for a robust but simple-to-operate dribble bar system. So we have developed one that will suit both farmers and contractors. It includes a Storth NovaCut horizontal macerator which ensures that slurry can flow evenly through the 50mm diameter hoses, resulting in a uniform application of slurry to the ground.”


Pictured Above Storth’s 10.5m sequence fold dribble bar system which includes a NovaCut macerator to ensure even application of slurry.


Pictured above: Storth’s vertical dribble bar system.

Alternatively, the dribble bar can be mounted behind slurry tankers. Working widths range from 6m to 24m.

Similarly, the trailing shoe injector systems include Storth’s own-design NovaCut macerator. Spring steel corners provide -/+ 15 degree steering and the cast iron self-sharpening shoes are spaced 225mm apart. Models range in size from 5.6m wide with 24 outlets to 8.2m with 36 outlets.
Flow meters can be fitted to dribble bars, trailing shoes and Engine pump sets to record the amount of slurry spread.

The heavy duty trailed reeler is ideal for large scale operations where up to 2000m of hose needs to be transported long distances. A hydraulic control valve fitted to the rear of the reeler allows the operator full control when reeling in the hose. Storth’s trailed reelers are fitted with 550 x 55 x 22.5 wheels and flotation tyres and have a draw bar attachment at the rear for towing.

Further information from Umbilical Manager Neil Robinson, Storth Machinery Ltd
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Issued by Joan Taylor, Storth Machinery Ltd Email: joan@storthmachinery.co.uk