09 Jun 2017

Demand from AD producers looking to move large amounts of digestate has promoted Storth to build a lighter-weight poly tanker.

The Osprey range was launched at the Lamma show in January and since then the Lancashire based manufacturer has sold six machines.

All up, the 18,500-liter version weighs 5.2t empty, which is roughly 20% less than an equivalent steel vessel.

Storth builds the chassis of the machine in the UK, but German firm Polyglas constructs the tank using a special reinforced glass fibre. Unlike polyethylene, this is said to be unaffected by UV.

The tank has also been heavily reinforced, particularly in high stress areas and has three internal baffles to stop the liquid slopping around.

Slurry or digestate can be filled via the top-load port, ot pumping in using a Vogelsang positive displacement pump. However, Storth says plans are afoot to develop its own pump. To help keep steel eating slurry at bay the entire chassis has been galvanised and the full-frame design means a rear linkage can also be fitted.