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Automatic Scraper Systems

Since 1999 we have been designing and manufacturing our range of Automatic Scraper Systems. Using our past experience and gained knowledge from installing, repairing and maintaining scraper systems for over 30 years in all types of scraper systems we now can provide cow friendly, practical and reliable systems. By using this knowledge we believe we have the most superior systems on the market. We manufacture service and install Chain, Hydraulic and Pro-Rope scraper systems, each providing benefits to cow welfare and each one using quality components to manufacture to a high standard.

We manufacture three types of Automatic scrapers as we have found that our customers want a choice. They like to decide which system is best suited for their building and their requirements. Not all buildings will suit each system as there may be uneven passages or  limited room outside the building or it may simply be a preference for one system over another.

Chain Scrapers

This strong and robust chain scraper system is the perfect option for farms with uneven floors or for use under slats. We use a deep case hardened chain and corner boxes made from 6mm galvanised steel; the chain has a 14mm diameter and is pre-stretched to 20 tonnes.

The system is driven by a robust 0.55kw motor with an output speed of 5.2rpm. We use a fully electronic, automatic control panel which can operate upto 4 passages at any one time, scrapers can be programmed upto 24 times a day, manual scrapes can also take place when in Automatic.

A quick tensioning method is used on the dragbar. All scraper blades are made from 10mm steel and the main beam is galvanised.


Hydraulic Scrapers

Our hydraulic system is the most technically advanced system of its kind on the market using high quality components and electronics.

Storth are the only manufacturer who supplies both top and bottom track on our scraper system as standard, we see this as a great benefit to the system allowing ease of movement on the track, as the top track runs on the steel bottom track, as opposed to alternative systems, running on small guides and onto concrete, which in time wears into the concrete.

All Storth Power units are assembled in house by our assembly staff. We offer two types of power units; Our single power unit can only run one passage at any one time as this uses a single oil pump.

Our double power unit can run two passages at once using a double oil pump, this allows both passages to run at the same time at the same speed, no other unit on the market can offer this facility. Both options can run upto 6 passages at a time on an automatic sequence and offer a cow down facility using a pressure transducer.

Storth offers two types of ram boxes dependant on building layout, if there is no space outside the building we can insert a sunken ram box which is installed into a sump made in the concrete and houses no electronic components reducing breakdowns.

Scraper blades can be custom made to any size you require, we can manufacture reverse scrapers, folding scrapers and also backing gate systems.


Pro-Rope Scrapers

The Storth Pro-Rope system uses 9.5mm Pre-stretched polyethylene rope, we use this type of rope rather than the nylon alternatives, as our Pro-rope is much stronger and more cow friendly.

Due to many years of research Storth manufactured a rope system which is unrivalled by our competitors due to the use of the right rope.

Pro-Rope is “The worlds strongest fibre”, it is used in many industries including Emergency and Military use and Offshore rigs. The rope we use gives us the backbone of a reliable and cow friendly system. The system is run by two winches which allow one winch to pull on, while the the other pulls off. This is a simple system and very easy to operate.


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