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Automatic Cow Brushes and more by Storth

Automatic Cow Brush

With its active 30 year history in catering to the needs of customers, Storth’s range of quality slurry handing equipment and machinery have helped countless entities and organisations attain their respective successful operational ideals.

Proudly standing as the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturers of quality slurry handling machinery including slurry pumps, slurry mixers and slurry storage tanks, Storth’s developed range of expertise also delves into other industry specific machinery, with Automatic Cow Brushes and featured Galvanised Grids being solid examples.

Far from only manufacturing machinery designed to deal with “all things slurry”, Storth reaches out and extends their take on quality equipment to customers.

Storth’s Automatic Cow Brushes Line

With Storth’s range of automatic cow brushes dubbed EYS, the brand’s showcased line of products comes as an advantage to different ranches and cattle-driven organisations.

Developed to provide the most optimum comfort when used on cows, EYS cow brushes are efficient in cleaning and massaging cow hides, with active movement sensors calibrated to work on cow hide contact.

Though it active movement sensors, EYS cow brushes are developed to be thorough with its operational dynamic, with features allowing it to “reverse directions” should it detect a cow’s resistance to its working.

Designed to automatically turn itself off when cows walk away from them or when they are no longer being used, EYS cow brushes are power efficient, a feature which comes to the aid of EYS cow users and owners.

With the EYS cow brushes, cows are cleaner and healthier, with the onset of parasites on cow skin easily taken care of by the cow brush system. Also developed with massaging factors, a cow’s internal circulation is better maintained, with the EYS cow brushes known to readily massage the top, close to skin surface veins of cows.

Improved milk production is also a feature which the EYS cow brushes highlights, given how the cow brush line helps cows keep calm and relaxed during its use.

Designed to primarily work with six interchangeable brushes, the EYS cow brush line is versatile and flexible, allowing more options when it comes to the specific brush and cleaning required by its users, as well as not dedicated or bound by only one type of brush that is available.

Storth’s Galvanised Grids

With Storth’s Galvanised Grids being 'made to measure', the brand allows for enhanced options, customisation and fitting variations which fits with the actual physical layouts customers have in mind for their use.

With galvanised grids primarily manufactured from an 80 x 80mm angle, customers of Storth’s galvanised grids are assured that these are weather worthy and sturdy enough to withstand the rigours and tests they will be put to.